Hey everyone!

Couple of quick updates for you!

i have set up my official author Facebook page. i’m going to be putting updates there that I won’t be putting anywhere. Especially around NaNoWriMo I will be updating my word count every day as well as excerpts from what I will be working on. (Which will either be my retelling of Medusa or Book  1 of my God Creator series…haven’t decided yet) I will be also posting NaNoWriMo themed inspiration during October and November.

If you want to get official updates from me “Like” this page.

Also keep an eye out this coming Friday for the first post in a multi-post series on buying your first motorcycle. I recently went through it and made a bunch of mistakes so I will be covering everything from buying your gear to the important differences between carburated and fuel injected bikes.

After that I will have a multi-post series on starting out with makeup since I didn’t have anyone to really give me buying advice and it took me way longer than it needed to to get everything together.

Once again if you want to make sure you are getting all of my updates make sure to like my new Facebook page! www.facebook.com/EKUauthor

I want to start doing some “How To” posts likes the ones above so if you have anything you would like me to write a post about let me know!

See you Friday!


Does this photo make me look deep?
Does this photo make me look deep?

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