I’m Back!

Taken by E.K.
Taken by E.K.


I know it has been a long time since I’ve written anything here. It’s been even longer since I posted any of my video/blog reviews(not for a lack of books to review)

As those of you who read my last blog know, I’ve been undergoing a lot of changes.

A long term relationship ended out of the blue, I had to move (and get used to being settled on my own) and I changed shifts at my job.

Those are the major things. Obviously with each major change comes a host of minor changes.

But I’m back. I have a bunch of books I’m going to review with my new set up (I have a real camera and a real tripod instead of a $100.00 point and shoot and a tripod that stands 3 inches high) I have to find the best place in my new place for lighting and such and then you will see a bunch of new videos which may or may not be accompanied by written reviews.

I promise to work on my consistency of posting. I want to incorporate book hauls and such into these blogs. Since I’ve also taken up photography as a hobby I hope to use this blog as a platform for that as well. I also hope to post the finished blogs of the sample book reviews I was doing.

It’s a new year. New place. New me. So it’s going to be a new blog.

Love you all