The Blade Itself review by Joe Abercrombie


My review of “The Blade Itself” by Joe Abercrombie, book one “The First Law” trilogy


What it looks like when I’m picking my next book…


Heres how I pick the next book(s) I’m going to read(of the books I already own of course):

I go through any of the books on my “To Read” shelf that I feel might strike my mood and then read the first few pages of each and keep track of what is really capturing my interest. Sometimes I go over the pile seven or eight times, taking books out and adding books in that hadn’t occurred to me before.

It’s actually a really cathartic thing to do when you’re home alone. Even if you’re not looking for your next book. Just pick out whatever books on your shelves catch your eye as you browse and go through them. Pick random pages of books you’ve read and re – read passages.

You might be surprised how calming it is.


P.S. If any readers out there have a review of “Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor I would really like to read it  I’m on the fence because I tend to hear good things about it but the sample I got on my Kindle left me less than impressed. What are your opinions? Good things about the book and bad as well as other books you would compare it to.

Thanks in advance!