5 reasons you should be a book nerd



I’ve said before (and I will likely say again) that I don’t understand people who proclaim that they hate to read as though it is something for which they should be awarded a prize.

Here are 5 reasons why being a book nerd is the best thing you could be.

1) Bad weather doesn’t hinder us

Here’s the scenario: It’s a weekend and outside is a torrential rainfall. You don’t have to go anywhere and there’s no where you could go that is worth driving through the weather outside.

If you’re not a book nerd what do you do? Complain about how bored you are? Watch TV and surf the internet until you get bored of that. And then what?

If you are a book nerd, however, bad weather days are AMAZING. Because it’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a blanket by a window with a hot cup of tea and get lost in another world for a little while.

And in that same vein:

2) It’s rare that you will find a bored book nerd

Sitting at the DMV for four hours? Perfect time to finish that book we had started! Nothing good on TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc…? Hey I just bought a bunch of books I would like to read!

This book that I usually am really into is just not working for me right now? Well, here’s a whole shelf(or 5) full of more books!

3) Wonder is easy to come by for us

All we have to do is step into anywhere that has at least a few shelves of books and we’re in Heaven. We don’t need to go seek out thrills, we just need to step into our local bookstore and take in that scent of brewed coffee (depending on where you are) and crisp, new pages that are waiting to be discovered.

It’s much harder, in my experience, for people who don’t read to find a sense of wonder if every day life.


4)Reading a book is cheaper than travelling

Travel is expensive. Flights and hotels and food(and having to deal with other people which comes at its own cost…) Travelling is amazing and I love the places I’ve gone and I have a lot more places I want to go and experiences I want to have.

But while I am saving up to be able to physically go somewhere I can pick up a book set anywhere(real or fictional) that I could possibly imagine and get lost there.

More than once I’ve been reading a book and gotten so into it that I could see myself standing in the room watching the events I was reading unfold. It’s a trip I can leave anytime I want for the low low cost of a paperback.

5) The book is always better!

It’s an age old cliche that book nerds know better than anyone else.  While there may be exceptions, the book is better 99.999% of the time. And even if the movie is good, having read the books gives you a much deeper understanding of the characters and their struggle. Something that, because of the Medium, is typically impossible with movies. When you spend 2 hours with a cast of characters you can get to know them and maybe even root/mourn for them. But spend 500-1000 pages with those characters and they become friends.

Going into a movie for a book that you love is terrifying/ thrilling because it’s basically like seeing your old friends/enemies up on the screen and hoping that the people who haven’t read the books can see what you see in them and that the people involved with the making of the movie will have taken care of them.


So there you go. Five of the many ways that being a reader is better than being just about anything else.