Stock Photo courtesy of Google
Stock Photo courtesy of Google


I love living in the technological age.

A few days ago, Sam and I hooked my custom PC up to our television. I wanted to show him the latest season of Sherlock but he didn’t want to watch it on my computer screen  so we pulled my VGA cable, audio cable and keyboard and mouse over to our entertainment center and hooked everything up.

And here it remains. And here it may stay.

This has kind of changed writing /working for me. I’m typing this from my rocking chair, feet on my piano bench and WordPress wide on my HD television. And it’s beautiful.

See, I don’t have a laptop anymore. The battery is(and really always has been) a piece of crap and the cord is frayed on the inside so if it’s not in the EXACT right position my laptop shuts down. I would get those things fixed but the laptop also has serious overheating issues. There are things I could do to fix it but, at this point, it’s really more worth it to get a new laptop and pull files from my old hard drive as needed.

And I love my PC but the desk is next to my kitchen under some cabinets with glare from outside making it hard to see on my computer screen And when I close my blinds, even with light on, that corner is too dark. And my desk chair is old, chewed up and held together with duct tape.

I have my ipad I write on when I want portability but the keyboard that is attached to my case is so small I have blisters on my pinky fingers from typing on it. Which is fine, but uncomfortable before too long.

But using Scrivener on my HD television in the living room is amazing. I’m bordering on  blind so having my text filling a 60 inch television is tremendously helpful. Editing my Youtube videos is great on such a big screen as well.

So I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the fact that in this day and age all I need to change my writing experience is a couple of cables and I can sit with my feet up and work far easier than I can at my desk.

All I need now is a wireless keyboard and mouse and I will actually be able to sit on my reclining couch and work. Though my cats may object.

I’m going to go continue my latest novel from the comfort of my rocking chair.

Til next time,



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