I do not own the above picture.  All rights reserved to the original artist
I do not own the above picture. All rights reserved to the original artist



I love tales re-told from the point of view of a new or unexpected character. They make me happy. Wicked by Gregory Maguire, Til We Have Faces by C.S Lewis etc…

In my writing, I have occasionally experimented with telling stories from a new Point Of View.

Last year for my friends and family, I wrote a book of short stories called “Rudolph Was A Liar: Confessions of a Former Christmas Elf” by Cornelius the Elf (A.k.a Cornelius A. Meant.) A grumpy old elf who wears half-moon spectacles and, in fact, looks exactly how a Christmas elf should look. Right down to the striped tights. (Don’t bring those up…he’s very sensitive about it)

In my book(ahem..I mean CORNELIUS’ book) of short stories I wrote the true stories of Jack Frost, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph among others.

This month, I am going to be sharing those stories with you. Because I love Christmas and my stories amuse me. I hope they amuse you as well.

For today, I am going to give you just the Prologue (A.k.a Cornelius’ letter to those reading the book)


Dear Reader,

You know those wonderful Christmas stories you grew up loving? Those stories that still have a place in your heart? The same ones you watch year in and year out while smiling as you put yourself into a nostalgia and eggnog induced coma?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you. Which do you prefer?

For the purposes of dramatic storytelling, we’ll start with the good news first:

All those beloved characters are real. Yep. Take that in. They walk among you. Sometimes visible and sometimes not. Sometimes they even work in malls throughout December. In any case, they’re all there.

Now the bad news. Are you ready? Are you sitting? You should sit.

I’ll wait.

While the creatures may exist, what you know about them is completely false. Stories are called such for a reason. They change from person to person either because of outright lies (“artistic license”) or perception.

But fear not! I’m here to tell you the truth. These lies have been perpetrated long enough!

To begin…

I’m sorry? What was that? Who am I? Well who blasted…all right. As you wish.

My name is Cornelius A Meant. My friends call me Orn. Orn A. Meant. Yes. I know. I really don’t know what you expected.

I used to work for Santa Claus. I made toys-as most elves do. It was all I wanted and dreamed about growing up. All I ever wanted until about two years ago in fact. I dreamed frost filled dreams of becoming head elf. Of Santa having to step down one day and choosing me, Cornelius, to run his shop.

Hey, an elf can dream can’t he?

In recent decades, the North Pole has gotten political. Too political, if you ask me. Another decade or two and I expect to see Santa on the campaign trail.

I was uncomfortable with the state of the place I had called home for centuries so I left. It was not easy-as you will see- and I have taken up residence in a small bed and breakfast in North Dakota. It’s almost like being at the North Pole, after all. Now I write full time as a writer.

Are you satisfied with my credentials now? May we move on?



Hope you enjoyed the taste. In the next couple of days be on the look out for the true story of Jack Frost.



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