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Local band Authmentis has been a band for a long time-9 years this coming Jan 1st. Opening for National Acts such as Saving Abel, Trapt and, most recently, All That Remains, Authmentis has learned what it really means to follow your dreams in the face of adversity.

Authmentis has gone through at least six drummers, multiple bass players, two guitar players and the growing pains associated with starting a band in High School and staying with it as you grow into adults. They have recorded two albums (with a 3rd on the way) with different studios, which was it’s own brand of struggle.

They live in Reno, Nevada, an entertainment town where it is hard for artists to get noticed. Yet, they have been noticed and they are well known by locals.

This past week, I asked the lead singer of Authmentis, Sam Spivey, to sit down and tell me why and how someone should keep going-keep following their dreams-in a world where it’s difficult to get your art seen and even more difficult to get people to care. I asked him what he wished he had known when he started the band 9 years ago.

I hope you enjoy what he had to say and can find a renewed sense of purpose if you find yourself ready to give up on the things that bring you peace.


Find Authmentis at their website,

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Photo Courtesty: Courtney Spangler Photography


Following your dreams is a choice. And you make that choice to pursue, orto run away, everyday, from the things you want. Recently I was asked to give advice on how to “keep going” on doing or pursuing something you love to do. So, here’s a short list of things to keep in mind.

1. Do you actually care about the thing you are pursuing? Lots of people want to be famous or successful, rich, healthy, etc. etc. Ask yourself, what are you willing to do for this passion you have? What sacrifices, what time, what effort are you willing to give? Is this your passion because you can’t imagine doing anything else, because it fulfills you? Or because you just want attention, or do you feel this passion is an easy way out of a harder situation? Don’t fucking lie to yourself either. You are either consumed by something or you’re not. If you’re not, congratulations, you get to keep looking for that one thing that drives you.

2. Do you have a goal in mind concerning your passion? Are you with this passion for release, for expression? Are you with it to make money, or to become famous? Answering these questions can turn your passion into a hobby, or a career. It is important to define what you want to do to avoid feeling stuck, or lost. Direction is everything.

3. Where are your un-crossable lines? Boundaries are good and even passion is conditional. They can keep you healthy and save your life. Have them.

4. Do you have talent or skill concerning your passion? Talent is a great starting point and some of the best people have it. But not everyone comes with the helpful starter pack. Sometimes you have to start from scratch. And this is where skill comes in. anyone can learn a skill if they are dedicated enough, and it will become a talent. There are no chosen ones, only the obsessed, and dedicated.

5. Are you in a situation where your passion can grow? No matter how much talent and skill you have, it is necessary to be in an environment where you can grow your passion and gain momentum. Surround yourself with people who are better than you and who can teach you. Work with people who are professional and expect your best. If you surround yourself with lazy and negative people, it will inhibit you, sometimes indefinitely. Surround yourself with places and people who will support, encourage and better you and your passion.

6. Know when to be nice, and when to be blunt: This can make the difference between progress, and an overwhelming desire to give up. If someone isn’t pulling their weight, address it. If you’re not pulling your weight, address it. Know when to hold on, and when to let go.

7. Communicate: How can anyone know there’s a problem if you don’t speak up? Explain yourself thoroughly and leave little room for people to read into what you are saying. Always discuss problems with the mindset of coming up with a solution to solve them, and you will always progress.

8. Be Objective: Know your place, and know your potential. Be confident in your skill set, but never assume you’re the best. There are always bigger fish.

9. If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing, and keep moving: Full on fights are never worth the stress. It’s better to stop communicating than to communicate negatively. The bad things you say will always come around in a moment of vulnerability. Instead, keep moving, and let karma deal with backstabbers.

10. Believe in yourself: If you can’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? Hold on to the things that inspired you, and remember why you got into your passion in the first place. Be thankful for the progress you make, and always planning for the next step. You can do anything you believe you can do. If you hate yourself, and think you can’t do anything, please, spare us all and get some therapy and work on yourself. No one can help you through that but you. Regardless of your situation, no matter how dire, you can always start improving, always start over, always make a come back, if you want to. The things that drive you are as limitless as the creativity of your mind. If you ever do come to the conclusion that you must walk away, be sure you are doing so because you’re choosing to pursue something better, not because things got tough, and life got in your way. That’s a fucking excuse. Keep going because you are driven to, because you have to. The world needs more people who are pursuing their own truths. The world needs your best efforts. The world needs your vision. Our progress as humanity depends on it.

Follow these tips wisely and the things you are passionate about will serve you well.


4 thoughts on “Guest Blog-Why You Should Keep Going

  1. Good strong words from a young man. Reading this I can hear Sam’s voice in a conversation about music.
    At 60 and looking back in my life as a musician that started playing clubs at 16 and evaluating my life in music I can only ad one thing. Just like a person who needs a therapist a band needs an “outside” opinion. A good manager/producer with a similar vision and goal. You might find that person or they might find you. It is a game changer. You can record or video your band every night but you will never see or hear what outside eyes or ears do. Everything from set list “show” pacing, your attire, stage presence, dynamics…etc.etc.… Its huge!
    Good band Sam! Great article!

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