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Welcome to my first review for the “What’s In My Queue” list. I have never written reviews before so this will be good practice for me honing that skill.

Let me know how I did, what you would like to see in future review segments etc..

This review will more or less spoiler free if you have read Divergent and Insurgent. If you have not, I ruin a couple of things for you. Not much, though.


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Allegiant: 3.0/5.0


Synopsis:What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

The 3.0 is actually a higher score than this book probably deserves. But I really liked the ending. I am one of maybe five people in the world who apparently were all right with what happens.

I did not like this book until the end. At all. I thought it was boring, repetitive and that the plot point she could have-and apparently should have- used to make up the third book was resolved within the first hundred pages, at which point she pulled something out of the air and ran with it. Her editor then let her do this because Divergent and Insurgent were such big sellers.

I despise the two main characters. I despised them at the end of the second book and that anger and revulsion traveled through to this book. Tris and Tobias spent most of book 2 (Insurgent) breaking up and then coming up with some half-assed overly romantic reason to get back together that defied all logic.

In Allegiant, they seem to spend most of the book on the verge of breakup but ultimately decided they are “good for each other”   Which they aren’t, by the way.

What bothers me about that is the number of young girls who fell in love with the main characters in Divergent-as I did-and who won’t know that the relationships they are reading about in books like “Hunger Games”, “Twilight” and this series are, in fact, terribly dysfunctional and if anyone saw these relationships outside of the books we would scoff because they are ridiculous.

But that’s not the biggest beef with the book.

My biggest problem is that it doesn’t make any sense. She apparently decided that the path she was on when she ended Insurgent-which was the only reason I picked this up after the disaster that was the second book-was too hard to write. So, she changed the story with a single line in Allegiant about what we had been told at the end of Insurgent was a lie and then filled in the holes with a vapid, useless, story line not even close to how good the book could have been if she had stayed on the initial path set up in Divergent.

I also don’t care about any of the characters in the book. None. They are all pathetic, petty, cruel, stupid or some combination of those and it’s impossible to root for any of them. They are all one-dimensional characters who, rather than having grown up in the three years between Divergent and Allegiant, age backwards into pre-teens if you are to base their ages on their actions.

It was especially disappointing to me because I loved Divergent. I thought it was really great. Tris is strong and smart. She realizes she has to make it on her own because of her decisions and so she does. She makes mistakes but she owns up to them. Like an adult.

Then she gets a boyfriend and does what, apparently a lot of authors think, girls do when they get boyfriends. Which is to turn into whiny brats incapable of doing or thinking of anything not related to the guy they are with. She went from strong and independent to an insecure whipping girl for her boyfriend.

Tobias also starts out strong and interesting-determined to escape a past he has been taught to be ashamed of-until he dates Tris. At which point he becomes cruel, over bearing and easily broken. Everything she says hurts his feelings, it seems. Which is awful. Who wants that in a character you are trying to justify liking?

If you want a character to be easily broken, establish that ahead of time. Don’t establish them as tough and then make it so that a look can send them spiraling into depression.

Veronica Roth also didn’t seem to bother doing any research into genetics before she wrote this book. I have no problem with people making up their own sciences etc…if you are setting the world in a futuristic world with advanced technology BUT that fake science should be based on the science we already have. She  didn’t bother because she didn’t think we would notice.

We noticed.

The reason I gave it a 3.0 instead of a 1.0 or 2.0, however, is because I did like the ending. While I don’t feel that what happens redeems the characters at all, I was okay with what it. Especially within the parameters that were set up earlier in the book, the way it ended was the only way that it would have made sense to end. If it had ended the way they initially try to make you believe it will end (but if you’ve read ANY books you can see the “twist” coming a mile away) I would have been really upset because it would have been completely contradictory to the characters she had written.

The ending is the only thing that made me not hate this book that I had spent 400 pages rolling my eyes at because the ending matters. It doesn’t just end, the decisions and sacrifices made by characters in the book-for the most part-mean something. Which was important to me.

In conclusion, if you read Divergent and Insurgent, read Allegiant. You might as well. If you have read none of them, read Divergent as a stand alone or read the rest of the trilogy at your own risk.


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