Hi guys!

Just wanted to give you a quick update and some more things I have learned.

It’s about 1 p.m on the West Coast on Day 11 and I have just passed 41,000 words. My goal is to end the day with 45,000 and hit 50,000 tomorrow. (may or may not happen. I have to go into the newspaper for a few hours tomorrow which will naturally cut into my writing time) I should be done hopefully by the 13th and then I will get back to more not NaNo updates on here. I will continue writing throughout the month. Hopefully I can hit about 100,000 words by the end of the month (giving me space to cut about 15-20,000 words in editing and still being within a range that publishers like from first time authors) and have it completely edited and re-written by January. I will not, however, after my 50,000 words make it a goal to write 3-5,000 words a day most days.

While I still know where I am going and how I am getting there, I am less happy with my work over the last two days than my work from the previous week. I will have to read it all when I’m finished and not in the throes of writing it to see if I am wrong.

A few more things I have figured out doing NaNo for the first time:

1) I have always really liked noise while I work. Sometimes I prefer quiet just in general but usually I want something in the background. Netflix is my favorite for this. But I have also discovered I write much much slower when I have something-even just music-on. So it becomes a debate for me. If I know exactly what is happening and need to write an intense battle or something like that I will sit in quiet. Or if I am really close to hitting my daily word goal I might put something on in the background. Lately it has been Christmas music (yes in November), a Christmas movie (Santa Claus for the win!) Supernatural, or more recently Chuck.

2) I write characters that I love and then I plot their deaths.
This is pretty morbid, I know, but hear me out. I have found myself thinking of ways to kill my characters as I write them-particularly the ones I really love. Now, I’m not necessarily going to kill my characters. The characters I am going to kill are already written down in my not-quite-an-outline outline that I keep redoing because I keep changing the order of my chapters. BUT, sometimes occasions arise that you didn’t know were going to come up that are going to require you to kill a character you have fallen in love with. It’s really hard to do that and far more tempting to write around it. But, sometimes, you have to do it. For the emotional impact of the story or to move the story along etc…if you have already cordoned off a piece of your soul that has said goodbye it’s much easier to do what is best for your story than what is best for your emotional stability as the writer.

3) I have found it far more difficult to sit down and read while I am writing so much. I might be the only one, but right now I am spending the majority of the day sitting at various locations and writing. Writing articles, blogs or the 5000 words a day in my novel. When I get to the end of my word count and my articles are done I have little desire to read.
Actually, that’s not true. I keep looking at my table full of books (see my “What’s In My Queue” blog) for me to read and my nightstand of books I am currently reading and I really want to pick them up and delve into them and find new characters and adventures.
But I haven’t been able to. I keep getting lost in my own characters or the next interview I have to do or I am so exhausted by words at a certain point that I just want to sit and relax and not think about them for a bit.
This might make me a bad person. If it does, know that I feel really guilty that it’s the eleventh and finished any books yet this month, but NaNo is kind of taking over my life. We’ll see if I can get back into it by December in between editing sessions.

That’s it for now. I am going to stop staring at my screen for a bit and then get back to my novel.

How is everyone else doing in their projects? If you need inspiration look at my “NaNo Descends” Post I have with great links to keep you inspired.



2 thoughts on “NaNo Update #2

  1. I love, love, love when people post their Nano updates and progress. I also need noise, and usually it’s just bad tv that I wouldn’t normally watch but ever so often I like hearing it to feel like someone is around. Writing can be so lonely and sometimes I just like the sound of voices.

    I’m obsessed with your #2. Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be? YAY. I also wonder if this is how John Green wrote Fault In Our Stars. Hm.

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