Hey guys!

I promised to try and keep you apprised of what was going on with my NaNo project.

It is day four and I am just shy of 18,000 words. I might make it a goal to hit 18,000 before the day is out but Im not sure yet. I still have to write a newspaper article that is due tomorrow night. (But I like to beat my deadlines just in case)

I’m enjoying this.

Some things I have found that have helped me keep going:

1)My goal has not been to hit 2000 words a day or something like that. My goal has been to hit a certain number of words in my story. Day one I didn’t get to do much because my boyfriend was recording guitar for the next album and I was in there with him and then we went and hung out with his mother who was moving out of state the next day. I still hit a little under 2500 words so I made it a goal the next day to hit 7500 and then yesterday my goal was 10,000 which I surpassed by nearly 2000 words and today my goal was 17,000. Having a goal in mind for how many words I want in my story rather than how many words I want to write has been the most effective way to keep me staring at my screen and coming up with the next part even when it gets frustrating. I think when NaNoWriMo is over I will keep doing that with other projects I work on.

2) I’ve been super prepared with beverages etc…I bought a four pack of Monster Ultra(delicious), brewed some coffee, bought some almonds and filled several water bottles with water/mio fit. so they would be cold when I wanted them and I could just alternate through water bottles for the majority of the month.
I put butter, protein powder, coconut oil and pumpkin spice in my coffee in the morning so I don’t get hungry throughout the day but still am getting nutrients that I need and the bonus of that recipe is that it is good for you, designed to wake you up and keep you awake without a crash. Not getting hungry is especially important when I’m on a roll but I start to shake because my blood sugar is low. Shaking hands are hard to type with let me tell you. I eat the bbq almonds if I want to munch and then drink whatever makes me happy throughout the day. If I feel like I am still in creativity mode but my well is draining, I grab a monster. It has really worked so far.

3)I follow people on my blogs who are really fast workers and who post about it a lot. On my tumblr there was a girl who hit 10,000 words on day 2. Then, unfortunately, she lost steam and before she could get back to it her drive deleted all of her work 😦 But I thought (since I’m competitive) if she could write nearly 7,000 words in a day then I could write at least 5,000. Why not?

And that’s my NaNo update for the moment.

How are all of you doing in your novels? What have you found helps you push through the fog that can be induced when staring at a screen for hours at a time?



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