This is just going to be a quick little message to bring awareness to as many people as I can.

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week(NSPW) and Tue, Sept 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) You may or may not have seen it on the various dashboards of your social media websites the last couple days. Amazingly, I haven’t seen anyone except the official TWLOHA website mention it. So here I am.

Take time this week to tell someone that you love them. You might not think it’s important. You might think you have til tomorrow or next week. You might think “Well, they know how I feel.” But do it anyway. You might save a life.

You don’t  know what personal battles someone you know might be facing. And you might not have til tomorrow.

I was supposed to see my brother a week after the day he died. There was stuff I was going to show him that I thought he would like. Things I was going to share.

Things he will never see.

And if you suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, just know that you are not in anyway alone. That may or may not be of comfort to you. If you can’t talk to your friends or family about it there are groups online or in your town. If you don’t want to talk the TWLOHA blog is a really great place to go read and feel support without ever having to share your story or bare your soul. It might give you just enough hope to try and get through another day.

Know that you are loved. Someone in this world would be devastated if you died tomorrow.  There is help. There is hope. It is not over until you take your last breath. That day doesn’t have to be today.

Live because you deserve to. Live because there is only one you. Live because you can change the world only so long as you keep breathing. Live because you are worth more than what you feel right now.

I love you.


about NSPW:

Finding various forms of help for you or those who might need it:




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