One week from today will be my last day at Gamestop and the day that I truly and completely immerse myself in trying to become a writer for real. By for real I only mean that I get paid to write. I’ve always been a writer but I’d like to be able to live off my writing.

Whatever that means.

It’s terrifying.

I don’t like where I work currently. Not the company as much as the area. If I worked at a different Gamestop then I could conceivably stay there for a long time; but in my area I have had four different times in the last year where I was genuinely afraid for my life. With my hand on the phone to call the cops. When I could get to a phone.

We’ve never been robbed. Not while I’ve been there. Just…the clientele. A few weeks ago as I was getting ready to leave the store and close the gates someone tried to rush past my associate into the store. My coworker was not supposed to be there. A fortunate turn of luck, that had earlier seemed rather frustrating, allowed me to keep him for an extra hour.

Most nights I close alone.

The shopping center where I work is filled with drunks and drug addicts and gang bangers. All quite literally. The majority of the product that I take in is, I would be willing to bet, stolen.

In my first couple months there I had a customer tell me that I was lucky he was on parole cause of what he would do to me if he wasn’t afraid of going back to prison.

The reason for his threat you might ask?

He didn’t like the price he was getting for a game he was trading in.

So I was forced to choose between two different kinds of terror:

Terror for my life(which sounds hopelessly dramatic and I really wish it wasn’t true) or terror that I won’t make it being a writer and die in retail.

When put like that the choice seems obvious, doesn’t it?

So in one more week I will say goodbye to what I know and what is comfortable(ish). I will say goodbye to a sure thing and start my writing.

Does anyone have any tips for finding freelance writing work etc…?

I have an internship with a newspaper-or I was told I did by the managing editor-but he hasn’t called me back since that conversation and I’ve been looking for other type jobs. But if anyone has other ideas or tips I would greatly appreciate it.



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