This is not my only blog. Several of the following posts will be posts from my other blog that I I liked or are still relevant to today.  This is the first one. 


Trying to make it in the music world can be a tricky, but delightfully fun place, it seems.

In the four months Sam and I have been together, we have been on about a grand total of about three official dates. We eat out all the time, but Wendy’s hardly counts. And I don’t need dates to feel loved or adored and we spend lots of time together so its not necessary. I’m very low maintenance.

But Thursday night, Sam and I decided we would go on a date tonight (Friday) We were going to do dinner and a movie.

As I said, sometimes trying to make it in music can be tricky.

I received a call today about 1 in the afternoon from Sam telling me we would have to push our date back a few hours because Authmentis was opening last minute, for Saving Abel because the band that was supposed to be opening for them couldn’t make it.

I wasn’t angry, of course. I was thrilled. Saving Abel is a Nationally known band. You can’t pass up that opportunity unless you have a really really good reason.

And so, for our date night things went a bit like this:

Load in all of the gear at 4, Soundcheck at 6, Show at 8. In between which I also got to see Saving Abel’s soundcheck and got to meet some fun, interesting people and then hang out in the green room before the show (which, in case you were wondering, was not green at all. But rather a pale beige color)

I met a bunch of people who fell in love with Authmentis and asked for their information so they could look them up and follow them later and people even gave me phone numbers and business cards so I could keep them in the loop. There were even people texting their friends about Authmentis and how great they were (I know because I had to spell their name for aforementioned people)

After the show was tear down, and then I got a chicken sandwich at Wendys and now am watching Sam play Batman:Arkham Asylum in challenge mode as I type this. We could have stayed and hung out with the other bands, but two of the other members of the band had other things they had to do and I was wearing heels that were doing their absolute best to make me a paraplegic before the end of the night.

I also got a wrist band that basically says “I’m with the band” and allowed me all the places that other people can’t go (such as the green room to chill before the set) And I got to see everybody play for free.

All in all, I accept that hanging out with bands, seeing soundcheck and watching my honey kick ass with the band on stage followed by food and video games was a fantastic alternative to dinner and a movie as far as date night goes.




I wrote that a long time ago. I state in the post that Sam and I had been together for four months. We have now been together three years this coming November(about two months away)

I’m sharing this because it makes me smile.

I’m still so proud of Sam when he gets on stage. I’m still amazed at his how good he is with the crowd. 

I’ve also watched him and the other guys in Authmentis grow as musicians and performers. Their most recent show is galaxies ahead of where they were three years ago.

I don’t get starry eyed over load in and getting a bracelet anymore. The green room is cool but most of the time I hang out at the merch booth. But I still love their shows and I maintain that making it in the music industry is a tricky thing.




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