Written May 20, 2013


I write about reading a lot. (I also start many posts with “so…” I’m working on that) That is because it is something I am passionate about it. I have never been able to imagine a world where I live where I don’t read or write.

But I know so many people who hate to read. And I truly, to the core of my being don’t understand it.

Here is why:

As long as humans have been humans and have had opposable thumbs, we have told stories. We started by painting pictures on walls. We evolved beyond that and began to be more creative. Some stories were true, some not, most embellished. Eventually the best of those stories and histories were written down.

For thousands and thousands of years humans have told stories and passed them down from person to person. With the internet you have access to all of those and more without even having to put on pants.

And you are going to tell me that you can look at the millions and millions of books written throughout the centuries, or even the thousands of books published this decade…you are going to look at all of that and say “Meh”? Really? I mean…really?

Nothing in all of human history interests you?

How is that possible?

I don’t understand. I don’t.

My boyfriend has a friend who is married to a girl who cannot for the life of her handle being disagreed with. She just doensn’t run into it. She works by herself and her husband just doesn’t care about anything enough to argue with her. So she is used to living unchallenged.

And then she enters a room where Sam and I are. And then things get ugly. She challenged me on religion vs. Science once saying Science couldn’t explain something so it had to be God. It was something Science had explained. Recently even. She just hadn’t bothered to do any research.

She blindly believes whatever she is told she believes. Which is confusing to me. I never once accepted something as fact because I was told it was fact.

She is the one I hear the most say that reading is dumb. She cringes when I ask her if she has read the book the movie she just watched was based on.

I no longer ask her those questions.

My entire life I have been on a search for knowledge. I literally get cravings where I need to learn something new. I read opinions contrary to what I think I believe so that I know why I believe something and that I know that I really do believe something and am not just regurgitating.

So I cannot, to the depths of my soul, understand someone who is okay just…being where they are. You can accept where you are and be happy where you are but shouldn’t you always be on a quest to be better?

All of human history…the entirety of the world and things we have learned about the Universe and you are telling me that none of that is of interest?



On a lighter note:

I’ve been thinking about the joy of being in a Fandom in the age of the Internet. Of course I don’t think Fandom really existed in the world before the Internet.

But it allows you to feel less alone.

I have watched Sherlock…many times. Way too many times by many people’s standards possibly. Most likely, in fact.

I also am obsessed with Dr. Who. Sam shows me anything he finds with a Tardis in it because he knows I will love it. I am building a Tardis bookcase, my phone is a Tardis and I have a Tardis plushy that lights up and makes sounds that hangs off of my purse.

I am having a Dr. Who Wedding(despite Sam not really being a fan) and then when we renew our vows we are having a Batman themed wedding(Inside joke with my family that they won’t let die so I’ve decided to run with it…and I love Batman)

Yeah. I’m that girl.

I am making a modge podge canvas picture of Moriarty from Sherlock with yellow spray paint and “Moriarty was real” painted across it. I have seen various versions of the picture going around the internet and I thought it would be awesome to have a canvas painting of it in my office with all my other Dr. Who and Sherlock/Geeky pictures/posters etc…

But I felt like a major, pathetic nerd. Until I found the Sherlock and Wholock Subreddits on reddit and then searched Sherlock on Tumblr trying to find things to follow that relate to Sherlock.

Then I found the Superwholock Fandom.

I love Supernatural and have watched it for years with Sam, though I never connected the 3 in my mind.

I did these searches while Sam was out of town and I was bored and an amazing thing happened…

I was suddenly not alone. I was suddenly not the only person who loved these shows and these characters and these storylines and am not the only person dying over the season Finale to Sherlock. (I haven’t gotten to see the Season Finale to Dr. Who or Supernatural yet…but soon…)

And I am not the only one who was driven to go see Star Trek this weekend not only because they are a Trekkie, but because Benedict Cumberbatch is the villain. (An amazing villain who easily stole the movie from everyone else if you ask me)

I don’t usually interact with people on the Internet because I am shy and people usually don’t like me. But it was nice to discover that, while no one in my life has even heard of Sherlock (until I forced Sam to watch it…but he hasn’t seen Dr. Who 😡 ) and no one I know watches Dr. Who…dismissing it as “that British Show” I was not alone in my love and my obsession.

And I am not the only one who has had their heart broken by fictional characters.

(Moffat and Glatiss I’m looking at you)

I was in a world where I wasn’t a nerd. Somewhere I belonged without ever having to say anything…because other people were saying it for me! I wasn’t a geek…just a fan.

Being a part of a fandom is great. You get to love something with a lot of people all over the world. You get to agonize and laugh and cry and lean on each other. And you get to not be alone…

And isn’t that what we’re all looking for anyway? Someone to be a little less lonely with?


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