Written Jan 2013-


When did being a geek or a nerd suddenly change from an insult to a fad?

When I was growing up I was a geek because I sat on the wall and read at recess. And when I was called geek it was not a playful nickname.

I was a geek because I got straight A’s and liked my teachers and would always rather write than play with my classmates.

I was called a geek in less of an insulting way but still insulting just a few years ago when people found out that I could build computers and am actually pretty good at it.

I was called a geek at work just a few months ago because I went on a rant about the last Batman movie (why elude to the always awesome Lazarus Pit and then, instead if doing the Lazarus Pit make up a little prison that never existed in the comics…and so on)

Now they are developing a television show called the ‘Biggest Nerd in the Land’ and people who have read a sentence of ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ or are going to play video games exclaim proudly “Oh my God! I’m such a nerd” or “I’m totally nerding out right now” and its funny to them or they think they’re being cute.

When did this change? Nerd was always synonymous with uncool. It’s still uncool but now it’s cool to be uncool?

Now everyone is proud that they are being called a formerly derogatory name?

So what takes its place? What do you call a kid who gets good grades and likes to read and knows comic books? (Original X-Men series for the win when I was growing up!)(also, apparently guys can know comic books in school but if a girl knows them she’s a geek)

It’s slightly upsetting. While I’m glad that my people are getting recognition for not being boring because they like stuff, now the people who made fun of us and know nothing about geek culture are like “yeah I totally marathoned Game of Thrones last night. I’m such a nerd” And the sexist pigs who come into my store thinking that I can’t possibly know anything talk about being nerds until they ask me a question or say something stupid and I out geek them in every way they can possibly imagine. A guy once asked if he wanted to play the Silent Hill games that went along with the movie what should he play. I told him none of them really follow the movie(this was before the second one was released which started to try to follow the 3rd game and then got tired) I recapped a brief summary of all the plots and who they follow and why you should play them. I do not consider that being a nerd but apparently it is. Only cause I’m a girl though.

It’s all very confusing. How long will this last (longer than that television show I guarantee you) and what will be the next fad to take its place? What will suddenly be uncool that was cool before or what will be cool that used to be an insult?


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